For the last 3-4 weeks I’ve been dragging about contemporary heroism. Today I want to tell you about certain heroic family that I know. A Family that had to became heroic against their will. How do I know it? Well, can anyone be looking forward to have an ill baby born? Nobody wishes to struggle for his/her tiny child’s well being. Yet, some of receive such questionable “gift”. Some come to this world with necessity to fight for healthy life. The aim seems distant, even unreachable.
Filip Szajba is the one, facing such challenge. Little plucky Filip. He doesn’t have a choice – he needs to cope, he needs to endure all the hardships: fatigue of long journeys for doctor’s consulting, lonely nights in the hospital wards. Routine of everyday’s rehabilitation exercises. But this all is a piece of cake as Filip’s greatest challenges are the surgeries. The whole series of serious surgeries.
He’s already passed preliminary test on pain tolerance – went through the first exertion for hand forming. His parents decided to do it in Munich, to give him chance to obtain all five dexterous fingers. Unfortunately they couldn’t use the health insurance money. Simply, because such operation are not performed in polish hospitals. Well, they are, but it takes many more exertions and the result is far beyond comparable. The cost of the operation parents had to cover themselves, by raising the money. This first successful operation is already behind them – thanks to human generosity.
Parents decided not to operate the toes (unless they’ll become an obstacle to proper walking). It seems to be a matter of simple aesthetics. And if so – there is no point giving Filip these additional cuts, burdening his body with narcosis and serving him extra healing pains. No, it doesn’t make any sense. “For us his feet are perfect.” And I share this opinion.
Unfortunately his head is far from perfection. It’s actually a lethal threat. His brain (as every other kid’s) is learning, developing and therefore – growing. It needs more and more space. But Apert Syndrome, that Filip is burdened with, doesn’t let the skull grow as much as it needs. Failing to operate the head is a death sentence. Yet, our dear insurance again proves to be useless. To be fair, It does offer a life saving solution. But this option is far behind world’s best offers. It’s a whole series of head surgeries, which means a great deal of pain from numerous interference with the skull bones, metal braces worn for weeks to moderate the head. Not to mention the risk that each narcosis carries – that the young patient will not come back to the living.
As I’ve mentioned, there is an alternative. It is one surgery during which all will be dealt with. And there is a great chance that after 3 days Filip will leave the hospital with healthy, shapy head which won’t be bothered for another 5 years. The costs are comparable, but Dallas option won’t be covered by NFZ (polish distributor of health insurance funds). And that’s what the whole fuss is about. Parents raise money   at siepomaga   You can make your contribution to Filip’s chance for healthy future and become heroes yourself. You can add up to everything good that awaits him in life – emotions, encounters, achievements. Maybe in future he’ll be a famous architect significantly improving the outlook of our cities. Or a great husband, friend and neighbour. Or simply – righteous, grateful man. Irregardless what future brings, I already know it’s worth it.