Two weeks ago I wrote about shaping children’s attitude. Today I continue on the propagation of heroism, though among us – adults.

How to be an adult superhero?
It’s not about sticking to your childhood ideas. To me it’s totally unnecessary, could be even harmful. Growing up is a process of shaping one’s personality, creating a system of values. As years go by and we become older and older (hopefully also wiser and wiser) this process of building one’s own interior is getting more and more conscious. We realize that people are far from perfect and flaws are just a natural confirmation that you’re dealing with human being. Seldom do we fall for someone, without recognizing their imperfect human nature (that includes grandparents and favorite uncles and aunts). From such a distance we’re able to select behaviors and attitudes worth following and spreading. We can shape our views on the world by getting inspired by others, and then create pretty amazing ideas by adding some from our “well-thought-through” area of the brain. We can shape a better “I”.
So where can we find the inspiration to be better person?

Fables and stories– as I wrote here – those for children can place lots of noble behavioral patterns in our minds. Unfortunately, in adult world, they don’t stand for such positive inspiration any more. Instead, we hear them told by our bosses/employees/business partners, or from friends with exuberant imagination. But it’s neither pleasant, nor developing.

Work – this environment is like school’s but worse, when it comes to good behavioral patterns. There are probably very few good examples, but people are so busy chasing their goals, they just don’t care. Unfortunately it applies also to professions, that by their very concept should have human well-being at the center of their interest. Yet, we keep on hearing the news of representatives being caught in the act of bribe, breaching ethical codes, etc. And on everyday basis – we come across plain and painful listlessness.

There is whole lot of it – of examples of attitudes and deeds that are getting stuck in our minds. Unfortunately the majority is really bad influence: our politician tampering with their car counters, priests molesting children, drunk drivers killing pedestrians, foster families ill-treating their wards.
But the truth is we have plenty of good, heroic examples too. Exactly as many as needed. The problem is, those good examples are almost not promoted at all (good news is no news). We do have Chuck Norris (ok, ok:)…we have Walt Longmire (his like Texas ranger, but from Wyoming and he’s cool). We have the amazing Spider-man and teenage mutant ninja turtles. We also have Mohandas Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela. We have Janina Ochojska. Krzysztof and Małgorzata Czyżewscy that for over 20 year have been sacrificing their work to integrate divided society of easter borderline of Poland. We also have Paweł Kwiatkowski, Edward Waciński oraz Karol Pietrzak, that together saved two women from drowning car (by the way, do you have any idea who in 2014, and more important – what for, was decorated with Medal for Sacrifice and Courage?) We have all those good behavioral patterns, which we can use to bring the best of us, which make us work on our behaviours and develop our personalities. We have professors, such as Zimbardo, telling us, that it pays off to be an everyday hero. And we have a challenge called life and time that we’re given. What we’re gonna do with all this for future generation – and more important – for ourselves? How are we gonna shape the world of Tomorrow?

Is being a hero not that trendy anymore? Along with rejecting religious terror, idea or sacrifice and dying for others, did we abandon the concept of being a righteous and noble men? Is the only rescue that it’s trendy the one carried to the squirrel stuck in a ventilation grid, to the duck that had one leg frozen into the leg or to the dogs tied to trees? These are all authentic cases from national news. And important examples of heroism. But my question is – where are the news about people rescuing their neighbors from fire, helping lost tourists in the mountains find their way down, resuscitating car accident victims? Where do we hear praise for those who properly (not aggressively but effectively) react to dumping garbage in the forest, leaving dog poops in the middle of sidewalk, cars parked on the road passage? Are those situations not happening at all? Don’t we feel solidarity with our own kind and feel the need to be heroes only in the squirrel world? Or is it just not cool to talk about our heroism in the news? I believe (and it’s not unfounded) that it’s just the topic that became passe for the moment. Which means – everything can still be fixed. By educating the next generation, with fables and stories (those good ones of course), with good examples given at home. Also with changing the head topics – in news, in Internet, in our conversations and in our heads. I’m so looking forward to such changes.