I was listening to the speeches summing up the preliminary recent local government election results and I felt this inner wave of discontent, my whole being protesting. None of the leaders was even pretending to be concerned with electors or tasks ahead of them. They spoke only about winning and defeating the opponent….wait a minute, what’s going on? So I’m giving you my vote (and my trust), so that you can “win and defeat”? Those most important to me (being local) elections, that have potential to make my functioning in the neighbourhood easier, are reduced to be just a symptom of what’s happening in “real” politics. That was not the deal 25 years ago when local governing and democracy were brought back to life!

Slowly I come to terms with the fact that the picture of Polish public scene is not created solely by evil, perverted politicians. After all, it’s basically just mirroring the society. I look at it, and I’m not taken by this image. I strongly feel, that those chosen ones, should be the true leaders, set high standards, inspire the rest of us. Well, they should. But what’s the real deal – it’s more than obvious, sadly. Yet, perhaps the democracy is working correctly after all. Maybe it’s just that majority actually desires the thrill of never-ending discussions about conspiracies, treasons and scandals. Maybe people derive true adrenaline from politics, they have excellent entertainment and actually enjoy its’ current standard.

Despite all that, I’m still an optimist. And I hope that soon, at least in terms of local government, a new trend will emerge. The trend many will be taken by, one that will seduce us with a vision of normal life. Trend of effective management in public domain, without redundant hassle. My futuristic vision is all about democracy exercised by the majority on a daily basis. Just like we do jogging or showers – every day. It involves positive change in our daily habits. It is my dream, that one day it’d be normal for us to take 5 to decide, what comes first: fixing local school’s fence or improving somewhat dangerous pedestrian crossing. Or maybe the priority shall be investment in green areas in park X? Wouldn’t you like to have the possibility to ask the manager of official’s team, why your case is being handled for over 3 months? Not to grumble but simply to learn – what can be done to avoid such situation in the future. To give plain, unemotional feedback, that 3 months is just too long for You. Without wasting your precious time for official complaints, official proceedings, etc.

“You may say, I’m a dreamer.”

Well, it’s probably the case. But I also think, that it’s so true to say: “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years”. If only we would focus on changing our habits, if only democracy would matter to us, If only the majority would care enough… Talking about the “woulds” – they say that if you really want to get something in your life, you need to dream about it, envision it and program yourself to reach it. Well, I ask You then, to close your eyes and dream a little – about the society You’d want to live in, surround yourself with. What does your ideal government in your town or city look like? Who knows, maybe in the upcoming decade some shooting star will make this dream come true. Or maybe, as disguised Santa’s, we’ll fulfil those expectations ourselves.

P.S. After having finished writing this post I checked out below TED presentation of Alessandra. It’s mind-blowing experience to find out that I’m not the only one (dreamer).

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