“Be the change you wish to see in the world” M. Gandhi

After watching “Breaking bad” I had two conclusions – lessons I took for myself. Firstly – never to establish a drug empire. Second one – never lie to either myself or to my family, that anything I fiercely do is for them, for higher purpose or who only knows what for else. It’s not. It’s for me. To satisfy my own need to be that change.

My name is Zuza Wisniewska. I’m an educated lawyer, currently work as an in-house / project manager and my hobbyist profession is social worker-philosopher. When a social issue strikes me as particularly interesting I invite it to my mind-workshop and work on it, dwell in it, analyse, learn and read about it. And then it usually get stuck in my head for weeks, months. The ripening time doesn’t guarantee its’ quality. Yet, mature thoughts taste better. And perhaps you’d be also taken by the subject. For me it’s a value per se, in these days of such common thoughtless judgements. Perhaps some of the entries would meddle a bit in your outlook. Most probably it won’t turn your world upside down. Yet, maybe it could be an impulse for recurring reflections. The entry will matter. Just as my outlook has been shaped by so many entries written by others.
In a simple, girly manner I summarise – this web 2.0 way of sharing is really cool!