“Why can’t I have such long legs as Ana?” – Marta wonders. “Marta has such amazing, thick hair…” – marvels Ana. We tend to concentrate on what we’re still missing to be perfect, instead of focusing on what we actually have. Everyone is different, special, and instead of changing size of our noses – let’s change our thinking!

Since forever I observe the world of fashion, it is a world of size 0, velvety skin and giraffe-tall posture. And there are plenty of negative opinions about it. After all – how many real-world-women have a tush tiny like a croissant? Apparently many, since modeling is still a growing business, such a tempting opportunity. People are protesting, teenagers starve themselves, chubbies are being discriminated. And this is a perfect business opportunity, also for evil hyenas from food industry that interfere with one’s eating habits, that make you eat slice of lettuce for dinner and some sprouts.
Yet, at the same time, we see more and more campaigns with the size plus models. Rounder and rounder shapes are promoted and such promotion gains more and more on popularity. And here pops up my question: is it really what it is supposed to look like? Can I really dine everyday at Mc and still be a model for bathing suits?
In my opinion it went a bit too far. The new trend was supposed to introduce some equality and justice. Instead, what I see is growing hatred for skinny shapes. And here I’d like to say few words about hypocrisy. Why is it, that all those adored 50+ sized ladies constantly wear slimming underwear? They were supposed to demonstrate that they represent equal beauty standard as these of size 34. And yet, all the self-confidence and self-acceptance has vanished, hidden like their curves. In the chain stores, on the other hand, it seems that curvy people have evaporated. To find any clothes fitting anybody of size larger than L is almost a miracle.
But let’s think about it in a serious way – can anyone who is overweight, praise himself for being fit & healthy? My guess – not really. Obese people exist and rightfully expect tolerance and acceptance. To like them as they are. After all, whole funky fashion business will decide by itself (and dictate) what kind of figure will advertise their clothes.
All you shall remember is that not everyone is designed to be a model, just like not everyone is capable of becoming a surgeon or mathematician. There is no point in aiming at targets only to prove things to the public. It’s so much better to live a life for yourself in line with the outside world. Let everyone be his own ideal. And respect yourself, cause you’re the only owner of yourself.

Zosia Sadowska